Kyle McEwan Acoustic Night

I’m playing at a music night in Dundee on the 29th organised by friends and family of Kyle McEwan. Kyle is the son of Tom McEwan, a friend of mine for many years and co-founder of the Edinburgh Songwriters Showcase. Kyle, a talented singer and songwriter, is a student at Dundee University and has been missing for several weeks. Despite appeals in The Courier, Daily Record, BBC Radio Scotland and STV news, and a police search, there’s been no news of him. As a parent I can only begin to imagine what this is like for Tom.

Kyle’s family and friends are trying to use the Facebook group for Kyle as the main location for information "Missing Person: Kyle McEwan"

while there’s a sample of his music at

and his friends have set up

The music night will feature Dundee songwriters and bands, all friends of Kyle, as well as Tom McEwan and Edinburgh guest performers Woodstock Taylor and me. It’s at 8:30 at the Air Bar in the Dundee University Students Union – it’s a students-only venue but performers can have non-student guests so let me know if you’re interested in coming.

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