La Garrigue

I’ve been so wrapped up in my PC-related woes that I haven’t really said anything, apart from on the ‘live’ page, about my two performances tomorrow night (Tuesday). At 7.30 I play at La Garrigue, a class French restaurant in Jeffrey St – I’m doing a programme of ‘songs and soundscapes.  The songs will be a few of my own and a couple of French ones, the soundscapes improvised structures of aural beauty (if you like that sort of thing) or ‘drones’ if you don’t.  Ihope not to disturb the diners too much, and the soundscapes should be interesting or ignorable – they’re there to be part of the atmosphere, not too demanding.

Then it’s over to the Caledonian Backpackers at the West End to be Mr Bassman for Should be a different night!

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