Late 08 haiku (1)

Sometime in November I set myself the task of writing a haiku, or at least a short poem, each morning after meditation, and before breakfast. I managed it most mornings, and it was quite interesting to look through them again.  They seemed to chart a declining mood towards the trough of December. (From my window I can see the tops of some houses, some trees and one tower of the Forth Road Bridge. These were often what I fixed on.)


Light flashes
Atop the tower
Grey clouds hurry past
On their way to Christmas

            Morning sky
            Black branches and houses
            Last night's anger still humming

            Sky darkening
            In the farmhouse wall
            A bomb hole

            Dull wind
            You can move the branches
            Now move those clouds

            Blue morning
            The lights are on
            Blue slippers wait

            On this clear morning
            I want to sleep
            All night

            Windy morning
            My double glazing
            Turns off the sound

            Late rise
            Ah! The sun is here already

            Sleepy morning
            Am I
            Here yet?

        Morning clouds
        Dark water
        World in shadow

        Drowsy morning
        My room
        Swallowed in a yawn

        We live so long
        When do hard times

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