Learning to button it

Long meeting in London today with colleague and two levels of manager above me in the hierarchy, both good people and good managers. Out of a six hour meeting I remembered on two occasions to shut up and listen, not jumping in with knee jerk responses, not preparing something to get it back on my own agenda, not trying to steer it away from the topic and onto my cleverness by making a joke. On two occasions. I count this as a small victory.

In this project I am cast as the idealist, with others cast as the techician, the pragmatist and the politician. Not a bad role, and everyone’s probably more pragmatic than me. I notched up some major losses for idealism today, with the assurance from the politician and pragmatist that all the thinking and planning I’ve been doing for the last few months will continue in the background until it’s expedient to introduce it.  Yes, we hope so. Reviewing some stuff from consultants I resolved that the next person who talks to me about ‘leveraging the functionality’ of something will find me leveraging the functionality of a breadknife across their windpipe. There’s a three-letter equivalent in English: the word ‘use’. I went seriously off a previous consultant because of the overuse of ‘decisioning’.  Death to them all.

Pleasant flight with ScotAirways, who still provide hot meals, hot
towels and, astonishingly, shortbread and caramel wafers, where BA only
tend to give you a small sandwich

Madame discovered this site for the first time at the weekend and read
bits from this blog. Will I self-censor now?  No, she’s always known I
drivel. Now I drivel cyberistically.

Pestilence is back from a week long trip to Northern Ireland as part of
the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. She looks like she’s been sunbathing
in the Mediterranean.  After the expedition they had a couple of
leisure days in Belfast and were offered a trip round the ‘former’
Trouble spots by a friend of one of the accompanying teachers. Only
trouble was it was in a police armoured car. The girls declined and the
boys went, and found themselves the target of stone-throwing in one of
the housing schemes. She hit the shops and came back with tops,
trousers and strange squidgy ‘stress-relievers’ in the shape of little
men – ‘the nicest men in the world’ she says. Men as stress-relievers,
I could feel Madame thinking, that’s a novelty.

Have listened to the near-masters of the new CD on a variety of systems. Three of the songs are acceptable, one seems to cause a disturbance to many types of speaker. Three out of four isn’t bad. Now I must learn more about EQ , compression and limiting.

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