Leezure time

Off work today for a week, with a view to

  • clearing up my shambles of an office
  • practising for the Elemental Arts festival at the weekend: a long set of acoustic songs on Friday and if the weather’s good WaveForms on Saturday afternoon
  • a couple of appearances on local radio station Jubilee, broadcasting during the local Fair week; I was on Mark Gorman’s midnight to 2am show, rabbiting and playing a track of my own (Winter Sky), one by Impossible Songs (Time of your Life) and a desert island disk (Mike Heron’s Feast of Stephen)
  • rehearsing with Nelson for our spot at the Book Festival on Aug 26th
  • mixing and editing the recording I’ve thrown together of Another Man for eventual free download here
  • … and whatever domestic duties are seen as appropriate for me by those who make such decisions.

The odd Festival spot seems to be on the cards: compering and playing The Listening Room on the 26th, a comedy and music night called Taking the Mic on 31st, and a possible WaveForms at St John’s Church, to be confirmed. Just lucky, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Leezure time”

  1. Sorry for the misspelling Kevin, working in IT you get so used ‘camelCaps’ you start seeing them everyWhere.

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