Live at the Village

BroadcastingWe’re excited to be playing at the Nitty Gritty Club at The Village, 16 South Fort St, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 4ET on Friday night, 1st April, starting at 8. It’s free!

This will be the full band, and electric. Not just us but Scott Renton’s country crew the Heartbreak Diet and James Igoe, late of Flowers for Algernon, Out of the Bedroom and Secret CDs. James will be backed by some of the Heaven Sent.

Here’s the official blurb:

Club Nitty Gritty is back! We’ve been away for a couple of months, but are refreshed and ready to give 2016 a run for its money.

There aren’t any April Fools in the line-up tonight either- The Heartbreak Diet will be on, as usual, but they’re joined by two acts at the very epicentre of Edinburgh’s songwriting scene.

James Igoe is (one of) the founding father(s) of the Out of the Bedroom open mic, still running after 15 years, and took sole control of Secret CDs, an event which did its damnedest to help local artists sell their music. He was also heavily involved in the Ed Rush arts festival, and is always on the lookout for new projects. It’s been a while since his regular band Flowers for Algernon played their last gig, but he’s still writing and performing, and he’ll be joined by some compadres for what will be a typically witty, thoughtful and melodious set.

Jim works tirelessly to promote local music, but tonight will be proof that, first and foremost, this all stemmed from his own abundant musical abilities!

Norman Lamont and The Heaven Sent are something of a dream team. Troubadour Norman’s been in the game for decades, but 2016 marks 25 years on the Edinburgh singer-songwriter scene, and the songs continue to flow. In the Heaven Sent, he’s backed by some very well-kent faces from the scene: Fiona “Miss Fi” Thom on guitar, CNG regular James Whyte on bass, Rash Gamblers/Shameless percussionist Suzy Cargill, and John Lawrence on keyboards.

Have a look at Norman’s site, lamontations. The title shows you that the stress is on the “A”, and that he shouldn’t be confused with any hardcore Conservative Chancellors from Musselburgh. He HATES that.

As usual, we will be playing records till 1am- if you have any vinyl, particularly in the soul/country/classic rock categories, get it along. We don’t think we’re oldies, but often our tastes betray that…

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