London sleeper

Took the overnight sleeper to London last night – quite a pleasant way to travel compared with flying. You get your own little room with a comfortable bed and there’s a bar a few coaches away with an amusing barman who recites to every visitor a list of all the alcoholic drinks available with a bordering-on-parody Scottish host’s accent. I woke to a knock on the door and was presented with a tray of breakfast. The train was now at Euston. On leaving at 7:45 I suffered the worst of the tube rush hour, an appalling travel experience.  Arrived at  Starbuck’s near the office at which I was to present a day’s training in instructional design. The day went well – I’m always surprised when people are happy with what I have to offer. I had some time to kill before visiting my friends Adrian and Deena so went to Camden Market, near Deena’s flat, to pass the time. Now sitting in lovely old pub called the Monarch, with candles on the tables and free wi-fi, soon to visit my friends and get the sleeper home.

Sometimes I feel I court uncoolness: e.g. I’m the only person I know who unashamedly likes Celine Dion’s song from Titanic and now I’m unashamedly enjoying a Jeffrey Archer book. So there!

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