Loops win out

After an enjoyable gig at the Dalriada, I am reassured that a set containing loop & guitar synth may be quite acceptable to an ‘average’ non-muso audience after all. Ms Fi joined in on backing vox and stomping some kind of stick on the floor.

Today, three generations of grumblies (myself, Plague and my father-in-law) visited Celtic Park to watch the Hibees lose to Celtic. I thought my magic might protect them (I’ve never been to a live match where they lost) but no. Still it was an astonishing experience being in a stadium that size and hearing the roar of the crowd. We also saw Glasgow entrepreneurship at its best, arriving 10m before kickoff driving round the nearby industrial estate looking for a place to park the car, when out of nowhere a guy steps into the street and waves us into a car park, the completely empty car park outside a warehouse; his colleague helpfully points out an empty bay (there are several) and guides you in; and of course you have to pay these guys £3 for the pleasure. That’s a job, thought Plague – charge admission for a car park that’s nothing to do with you, with a cheery smile!  Of course you could refuse to pay but …

Anyway, here’s a pic Madame took of me in my office with my new cushion (yes it’s real and it refused to budge).