Lost in Chocolat?

My friend Dave Watson is working on something that might result in a Hollywood soundtrack commission. Exciting stuff, and potentially life-changing. He sent me a sample by email and I’m glad he did, for he added as an aside, this poster for Creative Edinburgh, a networking organisation that supports people in the arts and media. He said he had also seen this poster displayed large at a recent event.
CreativeedinposterThe poster claims that one Bob Last compiled the music for the Oscar-nominated film Chocolat which includes tracks by Johnny Depp, the Skids, the Proclaimers, Garbage and … Norman Lamont!

Several interesting possibilities emerge:

  • the whole thing is a mistake and they mean Norman Cook, Norman Wisdom or Norman Greenbaum
  • Creative Edinburgh put my name on in error because I am a member
  • my music was featured in the film  and I am owed a wealth of royalies
  • my music was featured in the film and I am owed a modest fee

The last two seem unlikely – I have seen the film and enjoyed it but was not so entranced that I would not have noticed my own voice groaning through. Would Mr Last not have been required to let me know? Perhaps not, he might have assumed my publisher would pick up on it. If I had had one.
Anyway, it’s an exciting idea and it would be prosaic to let the truth stand in the way of the marketing potential.

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