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Spent every non-working minute of the day at the same desk as work, recording and editing and learning about some of the music software, for example the DS-404 VST sampler I got from Computer Music magazine in 2002. That makes it on a par with the fountain pen, but it’s pretty good when you get the hang of it. Also realised I can use all the Acid loops I’ve collected in FL Studio. I love this stuff.

Last night after jujutsu, caught the second half of the Secret CDs gig. Freeloading Frank’s set was a trip down memory underpass for those of us who’ve known him for years – all the favourites from The Magic Cornflake to Ghost Riders in the Sky. Lisa Paton’s set was superb, with drummer Stuart Clark adding just the right beats and backing vocals. Someone described Lisa as ‘soulful’, which doesn’t really ring with me; it’s more a crystal clarity and purity that I get from her voice, with a kind of steady sincerity. I’m waffling  here but it was good.  I missed Emily Scott, which was a shame as she has a quality very few performers have of creating stillness around her, almost stopping time while she’s singing. It’s something I aspire to, but have only managed it a very few times in my performing career. I’ve seen one or two, including Jill Hepburn and Simon Kempston, manage it but none as consistently as Emily. Of the more famous performers I’ve seen who have touched that moment, there have been Robin Williamson (during a couple of the Incredible String Band’s last performances), Van Morrison bringing his huge band down to a whisper, and Leonard Cohen doing a solo set during his band tour.

Received an email from someone I’d inadvertently offended; one should really take time to consider a response, but the pressure to just write back immediately is immense and I succumbed, anxious to remove the offence.

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  1. I agree about Emily, the stillness was what caught me. The room was quiet as we were sucked into this other world. Which is another good qualilty, music which takes you out of the moment to some other time/place.

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