New Year, new song from last year

Many thanks to everyone who’s shown an interest in my musical doodlings this year. The main thing I’ve been doing has been hidden from view – invisible in fact. The Invisible Helpers, my new band, will be coming among you in 2011, and it’ll be good. Helpful at least. Our first recording should be out in January.

My thanks to the Helpers, and to Bespoke for musical discipline and two (count ‘em) live gigs. To Pammy at the Captain’s Bar and Fiona Thom for some memorable gigs. To the brave venues – The Salisbury Centre and St John’s Church – who invited me to play WaveForms. Other highlights of the year were the weddings of John & Ali and Fraser & Karen, my daughter’s graduation, getting to the top of the Forth Bridge and, at last, New York (hi Stan!).

This is the only new song I wrote completely and got recorded in 2010. There’s almost an album’s worth of other recordings but I’m not sure what to do with them. I played this at OOTB a day or two after I wrote it and Jim Igoe seemed to like it so I held onto it and developed it. This is the third attempt at a recording. Hope you like it and with it go my wishes for a great 2011.

Here are the other songs I put out during 2010


The WaveForms album

Beyond These Walls (Lindsay Sugden)

Club Soul City (Springsteen)

Nicole (original version)

If It's You (collab with Dave Watson and Jason Pillay)

The Last Man (live video)

Somewhere (West Side Story)

Leaving (solo acoustic)

Red Iron Brother (video)

Tower of Song (video from Many Sing Lenny night)

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