1940s American street crowd scene

I see word’s getting round about the Listening Room’s 10th Anniversary Mega-No-Mic.   To celebrate 10 years of intimate strumplucking at the Blue Blazer on Sunday nights, founder Peter Michael Rowan’s running a night where “This will be a 2-3 hourextravaganza of Edinburgh past and present acoustic talent, with special guests, both in the flesh and in the ether.”

In the ether? Does this just mean Darren Thornberry will be thinking of us?

What is it?  Well a mega-mic is a variation on the open-mic concept where each singer does one song only and clears off for the next singer.  Mega-no-mic? Well, you know how the Listening Room doesn’t have mics?

If you’re a Facebooky type and you’d like to sing your one song, go to

This should be seriously good!

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