Merry Christmas (eventually) chopper

Yesterday, father-in-law and I went on our helicopter flight from Lothian Helicopters, given as a Christmas present last year but much postponed due to other commitments and inclement weather.

We gathered at the appointed time in a bleak field near the airport …


Till the copter came swinging down …

CIMG0031 CIMG0034


I got the seat beside the pilot …


… with the dual control pedals which you mustn’t touch!


Takeoff was surprisingly smooth and gentle, as easy as standing up from seated, and


… and soon we were over South Queensferry …


The weather meant we couldn’t go over the bridges, so we went west, over Newton, Bo’ness and Linlithgow …


The pilot told us the chopper was an old one, formerly owned by racing driver Jensen Button. A second hand one would cost about £400,000 and a new one £2m, but the main cost was maintenance: every little part has an alotted lifespan after which it must be replaced.


Back we went over Queensferry again. My house is down there somewhere …

CIMG0059 CIMG0064

… and in to a smooth landing.

CIMG0068 CIMG0075

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