Mid April blues

Our switch to O2 for our internet service took up most of Friday. The result, after some adjustment by Plague, is faster speeds on all the PCs in the house except mine, which refuses to rise above the speed of a 56k modem. 

Ms Fi held a rehearsal for the launch of her CD; I’ve committed to playing two gigs with her for this purpose. The session was good and there’s an air of optimism around the CD. I wish I could say the same for mine. I’ve been putting in more time on the recordings, but have reached the stage where I can’t hear anything of quality in any but two of the tracks. Now I know there’s some quality in there, but I seem to have fairly suddenly lost faith in it. I need to let someone I trust hear the complete collection, or at least contenders for the collection, and get a more objective opinion.

Job woes for Plague and, to a lesser degree, for me. Damn.

1 thought on “Mid April blues”

  1. I’d listen to it and you know I would give you an honest opinion. Of course I would only listen to the tune and lyrics and would be useless as a judge of the arrangements/musicianship except in the mushiest, I like it/don’t like it way. But happy to do listen to if it would help.

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