Momus: Christmas on Earth

Christmas day was a slow but pleasant enough family day. Boxing Day has been a TV splurge, Doctor Who Christmas Special followed by The Golden Compass followed by South Pacific.  And very enjoyable too.

Later I came online and found, aptly enough,  Momus's retrospective had reached his album Timelord, and this beautiful, beautiful song:

(Lyrics below)

Christmas on Earth by Momus
Well I know that on Earth it is Christmas now
And I hope there'll be days in the snow
When I return many light years on
Though my friends will have died long ago
And the rain makes a sound like the asteroids
There are worlds made of ice in the clouds
I'm receiving transmissions they broadcast long ago
They remind me of things I have seen
All the people and cities and crowds
Ring the bells, ring the bells, ring them
Ring the bells, ring the bells, I can still hear them
Here on the way to the stars
About now back on earth it is Christmas time
There'll be logs in the grate, they will burn
I'm alone tape recording memories
For it all will have changed when I return
And the rain is so strange in the Milky Whey
I see cloudscapes of purple and green
Candleabras are shooting off firework displays
And I'm writing the things I have seen
People shopping and sparks from a train
Well I know that on Earth it is Christmas now
But in space time goes by so slow
At the speed of light one single night
Is a year to the people back home

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