Momus: the Cheque’s In the Post

When I was in London last week I spent one night in a hotel near Barbican. I was joining the queue for breakfast when I had to stand aside to let other breakfasters leave. One was a slim, greying figure in a smart suit and large black eyepatch: Momus. A lightning-swift series of calculations as to the likely effect of me stopping him and declaring my admiration for his songs in the immediate circumstances made me keep my mouth shut and let him exit the breakfast trough without incident. I knew it was him because (a) of the eyepatch and (b) I knew he was playing a tribute concert to Jacques Brel at the Barbican that night. I would have been attending had I not had the Bespoke gig in Edinburgh.

Here he is with a typical Momus song, one I discovered on YouTube tonight:

Free mini-album!


Free to download - Stories My Killer Told Me: Five surreal story-songs from my Edinburgh Fringe show.

  • I Am Not The One For You
  • The Ever Open Door
  • New Eyes
  • A Forest Trail in Autumn
  • The Portobello Slam

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