27 July

Momus writes about Israelisation and ‘Angrael’ (scroll down his page to the photo of a soldier):

Israelization is a theme that’s been hanging in the air for a while now. Last March I did a Click Opera entry called Anger in Angrael.
Angrael is the name I give to the strategic alliance between the US, UK
and Israel following the second Gulf War. Angrael is a cultural bloc
and a military bloc. One consequence of the alliance is
"Israelization", exactly the process Mark Lawson describes in his
article. The countries of the alliance will inevitably become "security
states" and will be forced to adopt the extreme security measures seen
in Israel: road blocks, constant states of alert, security perimeter
fences, the sequestration in camps of "the Other", an internal Other
increasingly seen, in the wake of suicide bombs and other terrorist
incidents, as an enemy.

Meanwhile back in Edinburgh I’ve had quite a musical time, trying out WaveForms in St John’s Church in preparation for the ‘Music for Contemplation’ gig there on August 8th, which will be at 9.30 and in candlelight. Last night I did a bit of foundation work for a recording of The Chase, a song I’ve had kicking around for years but never dared to play live. I wince a little at saying ‘kicking around’ as the song, set in some mythical context, features a fairly graphic and brutal description of the murder of a woman. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it public but if I do the journey began last night.

I was at a rehearsal room last night for a Houdini Box session and back there tonight for a session with Sean, Tricia, Nathan and Pete (voice, bass, keyboards and bass) for our ‘exploratory musical project’ which at this rate will become a band sooner than I thought. After some initial skirting around each other, music and creativity kicked in and we had a great time. We spent most of it on Sean and Tricia’s song Raindance, but also did an improvisation which could become a new song, and a version of The Sea which was not the tranquil sea of the Innocents version, or the steady tide of the Hungry Ghosts version,  but a dark storm.

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