First and foremost, I write songs. The most popular are on my albums, and I’ve also written quite a few articles about individual songs – how they were written, what inspired them etc.


About songs and songwriting

Vintage photo of two men reading newspaper around 1956

Marketing the unmarketable

Note to Self – a song I wasn’t expecting

‘And The Beat Goes On’ interview

Nothing, Through the Rain (The Twilight Show)

Evolution of the Crow

You Wouldn’t Want To Be Me

Glasgow Songwriting Festival 2019

The Glasgow Songwriters

Who Was The Poor Girl from Dublin?

Scene from video for Box of Tricks - politician addressing audience

Songstories #23: Box of Tricks (cover)

Instrumental music

I enjoy creating instrumentals as much as writing songs. Sometimes more, in fact, as it removes the stress of having to think of lyrics.


This is my name for a soundscapes created live, in the moment, using a guitar synth and loop pedals.

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