New Music for August 2018

So here’s some new stuff!

She Wants Out

First up is a new pop song. This is a followup to the Beatles’ She Loves You. As you well know, its narrator is telling his friend don’t worry, go for it, apologise and she’ll be yours again. Some weeks or months on, he has a different story for her.

Here’s a solo video.

And here’s a full rock arrangement. Making music and publicising it all costs money so if you wanted to purchase this I’d be very grateful. If not, you can listen to it by clicking the title below.

Two covers

Box of Tricks

This is a cover of a wonderful song by my friends Ms Fi and the Lost Head Band. I’ve been toying with it for years but decided in the last few weeks to go for it big time. It’s the most densely multi-tracked song I’ve ever produced – 46 tracks, of which 15 are vocals! I’m not going to try mixing something like this again in a hurry. Fi described it as ‘channeling David Bowie’.

The video, by contrast, was stitched together in just over an hour from some archive American propaganda films.

Sullen City

By contrast, a low-key version of a song by Di Williams. She was a friend of mine in Manchester in the 1980s and I’ve tried to champion her music since her death a few years ago. More about Di Williams.

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