New year

Some snapshots from the first week of the new year.


Turmoil with Plague hating his new job; after a day of negotiating by text message an alternative has been found. I can’t say I’m sorry – while it looked like a good opportunity, the contract stipulating a 42.5 hour week, with unpaid overtime ‘when required’ (which turned out to be almost every evening) and to consider yourself on call during your day off, really told us it all.

Working on tracks for my next CD/download collection (what do you call these things?)  – spending a bit more time getting to understand music software, particularly my sampler. Working mainly on The Chase, a rather brutal mythological scenario and some cover versions that may or may not make it to the final cut.

Reading a lot of blogs, particularly Momus’s fascinating Click Opera. This is about as entertaining as anything you’d imagine from an intellectual former pop singer who moves from Tokyo to New York to Berlin reporting on art galleries, fashion trends, architecture, films and comics can be. And if that doesn’t sound very entertaining to you, try it. Of course he is a killer songwriter too, but he seems to have found his niche as a joural writer and commentatory, much like David Byrne. He doesn’t just register things he finds in the on- or offline worlds, he delves into them, challenges and analyses. I get less than half the references he makes, but I still get new ideas or perspectives every time I read him.

Tonight, the Wright Brothers reassemble, with violinist Mary, to recall our profound works and plan the next stage in our campaign to get known by more than twenty people.

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