Nicole (the origins)

Here's another mp3 unearthed from the vaults and never heard before: the original version of Nicole. This was going to be the version on Romantic Fiction 2. I knew it needed energising and took it along to the recording session I had booked at The Sound Station. It didn't take long to decide to drop it and start what was the final version, which was thrown together in about a day with Lynsey and Calais, and rocks much better. Listening back to this, it has a different feel and might make the grade if it was given a remix and a better drum track, but it's in the past now. I like the bass and brass, I don't much like the guitars and drums. But you might enjoy a different angle on a familiar song. The RF2 version is below for comparison and, if you're not Nicoled out, the vid, with the guitarist pedalling furiously.


01. Nicole

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