Nicole / There’s No Bible in Here?

Many months ago I was approached by email to give permission for the song Nicole to be used in an art video in New York. I didn't understand much about it except that it was being made in Second Life, but I had no reason to doubt the artist so I agreed, not expecting to hear about it again. Last week I got a still from it and then the actual video, which is extraordinary.

Mab – the 'machinimatographer' (yes, it's a word!) – created the characters – Nicole, the narrator, the doctor, the priest etc – and other people with exotic names like Dekka Raymaker and Penumbra Carter built the virtual environment in which it all happens. And there's a lot happening! I've watched it a lot of times now and see new things all the time. My favourite parts are the strange squid that appears just after the mother, and the fade-out with the narrator and the wife boogying on down while the elusive Nicole rollerskates around them. It's a privilege to be part of this!

A side effect is that it's renewed my affection for this earlier rough version of Nicole – less muscular than the version I did with Lynsey, but I can still enjoy the snaky bassline and the brass parts.

Nicole/There's no bible in here? from Mab MacMoragh on Vimeo.