No Tengo

I don't normally moan about software providers but …
Up till recently I used an Ipaq PDA and a friend introduced me to Tengo, an excellent little replacement for handwriting recognition or the tiny point-and-click QWERTY keyboard.  I downloaded it, bought it, registered it and used it happily for a year or more.

Then I switched to a Windows Mobile smartphone. I noted that Tengo would also work on that. I'd lost my registration code but emailed Tengo to ask if they could resend it and if I could transfer it to the mobile phone version. No reply. I installed the trial version again and confirmed to myself that I liked it. I wrote again. No reply.

After it expired I noticed they had a 'thumb' version, with bigger keys, making it quicker to use without a stylus. Downloaded it. Very handy.  Wrote to ask if there was a discount for registered Tengo users. I thought it was a bit mean of me, given that it's really cheap, but I needn't have worried because they didn't reply.

So I relented and resolved just to buy it. Clicked 'buy' on their site. It tried to connect me to 'Digibuy' service but timed out. I tried it on Firefox and IE. Same problem, couldn't get the 'buy' page. Emailed Tengo support to tell them. No reply.

I thought it must be a temporary glitch – after all, they couldn't run a business like that. I left it for a week and tried again. Same thing. Emailed their support and sales addresses.  No reply.

My last attempt, today, from a different machine in a different part of the country. Same thing. No point in telling them, I guess. Either they're out of business or they just don't like replying. I've checked my Spam filter and they're not languishing there with the Viagra and Nigerian scams. So I'm just curious – do any of you out there use Tengo?  Did you buy it? When? It's a great little piece of software – I just want to pay them for it!!

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