Recording vocals – no messing about!

For the first time since well before Christmas I suddenly had the house to myself, as Madame and Pestilence had gone to the shops and Plague was nowhere to be seen. Quick! Out with the microphone and mixer and I had the lead vocal – probably the final vocal – for no less than four songs for the next CD done in less than 90 minutes! And they sound good at the moment, although I need time to be more objective. I did several takes of each and kept them all, so I can patch up the weak bits.

It was a bit like Zen calligraphy – I’ve been waiting for this moment for many weeks and was psychologically prepared having rehearsed it in my head all this time.

So now the CD looks like being:

  • I.O.U.
  • Crying in the Street
  • At the Harbour
  • When I Went to Your House

… and either ‘Leaving’ or ‘Beggar of Love’ , whichever is finished first.

A good afternoon’s work – now to put the tea on and practise for the G’s set

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