Norman Lamont and Lynzie Dray

Two very different songwriters - one great programme!  For more info or bookings contact Norman Lamont or Terry Dray.

Lynzie Dray and Norman Lamont

Norman Lamont

Norman Lamont has a Dylanesque, wry voice. His songs are always melodic and memorable, but his subject matter ranges from the surreal and spiritual to barbs of quirky humour.

He has just released his seventh album In Another Life,  the first to feature his band The Heaven Sent; it's now on the longlist for Scottish Album of the Year 2018.

  • "countrified pop in the Nick Lowe mould" "entertaining, tongue-in-cheek lyrics" "this minor gem" (RnR Magazine) 
  • "Brilliant arrangements, clever, witty, knowing lyrics and excellent musicianship" (Chas Nicholson)
  • "A modern classic!" (Andrew C Ferguson)
  • "Jonathan Richman meets Cab Calloway - done with wit and warmth and just a lot of love" (Roger Williams, Trent Sound)

He had his own show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

 Norman writes extensively about the artists that inspired him, and about his own music, at


Lynzie Dray

Lynzie Dray has been on the local music scene for a very short time. She writes with passion of her past and of being a mum,  a single parent to three young girls.

Having a unique view of people and culture, she uses those observations in her music and songs. Lynzie is now about to release her first album.  

When on stage she fills the spaces between songs with little anecdotes and stories of where she got the idea for songs, her children, family and pets -  she draw you into her world.