This is the electronic press kit introducing:

  • Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent
  • Norman Lamont solo

Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent

The band comprises:

  • Norman Lamont (guitar)
  • Fiona Thom (guitar)
  • James Whyte (bass)
  • Suzy Cargill (drums / percussion)

They play a full set of songs from Norman’s albums, from rockers to slow ballads, and a couple of select covers. Depending on the situation they can play with an electric lineup using drums or an acoustic lineup using hand percussion. The songs, as well as the chat, include Norman’s characteristic wry humour as well as some moving emotional moments.

The Ballad of Bob Dylan

Norman Lamont (solo)

Norman also performs a solo acoustic set, well planned to take you on an emotional road trip from laughing to crying.


The music on his CDs ‘Roadblock’ and the compilation ‘Anywhere but here’ is full of lush and complex arrangements, sometimes melancholic, if that’s not too strong a word, but leavened with wit and humour. (

Each song has a blissful tale of contemplative life lessons, love lost and yearning. He pours his heart into his musical pursuits and it is revealed through whimsical productions and a solid mix of prosody between his words and music. (Skope)

As with the likes of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Bowie and Dylan, an artist Lamont pays tribute to in “The Ballad Of Bob Dylan”, Norman Lamont is writer that draws out the requirements that the song needs. (FATEA)

There are some albums which hit you straight between the eyes from the first note and others which slowly worm their way into your psyche. With its reserved and understated performances, Roadblock is definitely in the latter category. Sleeper or not, glorious moments creep up and dazzle you with their uncluttered brand of consummate balladry. (Sid Smith, King Crimson biographer on Roadblock)

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