Normanello on a Sunday

‘Good morning, Mr Lamont’

‘And good morning to you, Mr Wright’

‘What are you doing tapping away at the old computer this rainy day?’

‘Well I thought I’d attempt to draw the attention of the public to our debut performance next Sunday’

‘Aha – Normanello goes public!’

‘Yes, precisely, Mr Wright. What do you think we should lead the plain
people of Scotland to expect from the musical conjunction of Norman
Lamont and Nelson Wright?’

‘Well, perhaps that Mr Lamont will be drawing on his well-known bottomless repetoire to offer them such familiar items as Nicole and If You Had Said as well as others that will be new to their ears.’

‘Quite so, Mr Wright, accompanied by yourself on a collection of
complementary instruments. Not to mention – and we mustn’t omit to
mention it – a number of gems from the catalogue of the dearly-departed
Flowers for Algernon.’

‘And modesty almost
forbids me mentioning that I will be performing some of my own recent
compositions, all of them pleasant and tuneful ditties. The
faint-hearted among our social circle may wonder if you’ll be indulging
in any of that electronic trickery in which you’re wont to dabble these
days, Mr Lamont?’

‘Not a bit of it, Mr Wright. This set shall be of an acoustical
nature, with all its attendant implications of authenticity and
sincerity. But not without a twinkle of humour, as one might expect’

‘And shall you be performing that Ballad of Bob Dylan?’

‘The one requested one time by a lady in Galashiels with ‘Gonnae do
that song about Elvis?’ ? I daresay its boot-heels will be wandrin’
into the set.’

‘Perhaps we should tell the wider world where and when this event will be taking place?’

‘Indeed we should. It will be on Sunday August 26th from 12:45 till 3pm in the literary ambience of the  Edinburgh Book Festival Spiegeltent in Charlotte Square – an excellent opportunity to brunch and let the mellifluous sounds waft over one.’

‘Let us hope then, that our audience will be awake and able to stumble Charlotte-wards.’

‘..and in fairness to electronickery, I should mention also that Norman Lamont WaveForms
will be presenting a long and relaxing stretch of ambient explorations
in St John’s Church (corner of Princes St and Lothian Rd) on Friday
24th at 9:30pm – by candlelight, no less.!’

‘Now then, Mr Lamont, banish the computer and get to practising those songs.’

‘Just one more blog to read, Mr Wright, one more blog …’

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