Offers bloody over

For the second time, I have to recommend Gary Marshall – this time his hilarious account of the Scottish house-buying system.

I’ve just spent the first of three days doing an online symposium from Los Angeles, offered by the eLearning Guild. About 240 people across the world (mostly in the US) log on to hear a lecture live with slides, a whiteboard and a little text chat space, where we can ask questions and make bitchy remarks about the speakers (until we were reminded the speakers can glance at it any time, as they’re speaking from their own home PCs!).  Actually the three I listened to last night were really good, but it was interesting how aware I became of the hardness of my seat, a recurring need for the toilet, a craving for coffee and a nagging internal voice saying ‘It’s 9.00 at night and you’re still at work! Get a grip!’.  I don’t think I would have been so easily distracted had it been in person instead of online. On the other hand, I would have been in Los Angeles, so I probably would have had enough distractions to ensure I wouldn’t have made it to the venue.

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