OK I’m out there …

Stung by Tony Karrer’s Top Ten Reasons to Blog and Not to Blog, I’ve boldly gone forth.


9. Because it forces you to do your homework (Rodolpho Arruda)

8. Because this is how you are going to learn in the future.

is the difference represented in the shift from traditional classroom
based learning and network learning. The idea of the latter is that
learning occurs when the learner immerses him or herself in a community
of practice, learning by performing authentic tasks, learning by
interacting with and becoming a member of the community.” (Stephen

7. Because if you don’t we’ll think you’re lame and don’t know how to do your job.

can you know about a professional who doesn’t blog his or her work? How
do you know they are competent, that they have the respect of their
peers, that they understand the issues, that they practice sound
methodology, that they show consideration for their clients? You cannot
know any of this without the openness blogging (or equivalent)
provides. Which means, once a substantial number begin to share, there
will be increasing pressure on all to share.” (Stephen Downes)

Of course the reasons for NOT blogging were almost equally persuasive, but I’ve learned so much by reading others’ blogs on the subject that I feel I’m allowed to step up here without knowing all the answers, just to add some little questions from my corner of the world..

(I’m not a stranger to blogging, though – in my other life as a musician on normanlamont.com)

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