Old songs, new song

Spent this afternoon with Mary Robbs, formerly violinist of the Innocents, renewing our acquaintance with each other, and with the songs from the Wolf album, in preparation for Wednesday’s Secret CDs gig. I wanted to be able to do the songs justice, but without assembling a band for the event. What was the one instrument that would do the most for those particular songs? Violin. Mary kindly agreed to do it and the songs took on some life again.

Back home, I added the final track to a long-running recording session for the song Come With Me. The song counts as ‘new’ for me, being less than five years old. The recording session has been running, in fits and starts, for a year or so. It may need a human percussionist, but now the main task is cutting away a lot of the stuff I’ve recorded (five guitar tracks, six vocals, etc) to get back to the essence. I love  this stuff.

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