On tour

Well not the kind of music tour I'd prefer to be on, but a work tour, explaining the work of my team to various groups of people from around the business in Bristol (today), Leeds (tomorrow) and Birmingham (Wednesday). Still it's nice to see some new places. I've been here in Bristol a couple of times in the last few months; today is different as it's not subject to torrential rain or bitter snowy winds. I'm sitting in a harbourside cafe catching up with work email and waiting for my meeting.

Music-wise, Bespoke will reconvene on Friday to see if the drumming leg is serviceable for a live gig; the Wright Brothers are due to meet next week to decide on the recording agenda. And, wonder of wonders, I even recorded some music the other night -  bump 'n' beep background track behind a spoken-voice piece by 'Torpedo Buoy' Simon.

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