One week on

One week on from last posting after the Bespoke gig. Where has it gone?

A fair amount of it has sunk in wrestling with accounting software on my PC as I struggle to monitor my vast business and financial empire. (Yes, dear, he’s being ironic!). I’ve had the luxury of being at home for a week, and various domestic jobs have occupied my time and attention, but they shouldn’t occupy yours.

What about music?  This is supposed to be a music blog isn’t it? Well, I’ve continued to work on the recordings I started during my luxury week-with-music. Ms Fi’s Dancing Bears is near completion, as are The Last Man and Jerusalem Blues. I’m also writing to various festivals trying to insinuate some Lamontations into their programmes, with only modest success so far.

Feedback about Bespoke has been universally positive, and the band meets tonight to consider its next steps. Meantime, a request for a spot is waiting in The Ark’s inbox.

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