One night, two improvisations

La Garrigue, Jeffrey Street. I sat by the counter, near the open door, quietly improvising looping soundscapes as  people arrived for their meals. Nobody appeared to be listening. I became lost in the music, a few false trails but a few that led to beautiful little themes. After a couple of hours Nelson arrived and I packed up and left, delighted to have been there. My debut public improvisation, a risky prospect at best, and it was a good’un.

Drove with Nelson to a sweaty Caledonian Backpackers for a set with, much of which was jammed as I’d forgotten some of the basslines I played before and I couldn’t hear the G’s guitar very well. But again, that pleasure of something taking shape in the moment and the musicians following it and exploring it.  Two encores, and some OOTB regulars providing a glorious backing choir from the audience.

Tonight an acoustic Houdini Box at the Left Bank for the Acoustic Idols awards.

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