On return from Brighton, a day catching up at home, with the need for considerable discipline as the inboxes swelled and the possible sidetracks multiplied. A rehearsal with The Band of No Monicker at which we spent two hours gradually forming a new song that emerged from the bassist and drummer and infected the other two with terrifying lurches from 5/4 to 4/4, 6/8 and 7/4.  We kept wondering why we were doing this to ourselves and then plunged in again. If we play live we may put this one first – if any audience remain in the room, we know they must love us dearly.

Mr Chien Fou is busily making multiple drafts of artwork for the CD inlay, while I’ve all but finished the booklet. Madame and I went to book a holiday today and due to some difficulties outside our sphere of influence we had to put back our departure date. The effect of this on our return date means that the expected launch of Roadblock at October’s Secret CDs will have to be put back till November. If anyone was holding their breath for this release they would be resting with God by now, so another month won’t make much odds. And it means the band (essentially the Wright Brothers, with Mary and Ms Fi) will be considerably more rehearsed.

I was to compere the Listening Room today and went to pick up a CD for the raffle as is traditional; I found a treasure of world music and innovative covers of rock classics – Rolf Harris’s Greatest Hits – but sadly only two other performers turned up for said event so we all had a jam and went home. Along with Rolf, however, I bought a CD of one of my all time favourite albums, and definitely the happiest album I’ve ever owned, The Tom Tom Club. One day I’ll persuade Ms Sugden, Ms Fi and Ms Indigo to sing Genius of Love. That will be a special day because it’ll be the day I get Nelson to play along to a drum machine! (Oh, well, I can dream…). With a higgey hi and a higgety ho, Who needs to think when your feet just go …

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