22 December 2005

I’m still pondering over the utterance by one of our American supplier’s people to his colleague during a teleconference I took part in last week:

Hey, aah, do you have visibility as to what the change pipeline is?

You couldn’t invent this stuff.

Fairly productive day at work, then went to Edinburgh to meet the two Daves, Watson and Christopher, two of my oldest friends. DW has produced a lot of my songs and taught me a lot about production. DC I met in Glasgow in the 70s, his was the first proper band I joined. He’s been through some tough times and come out smiling. I’m richer for knowing them both.

Left the pub to drive to the Gyle and pick up Pest from her part-time job at 10:30 and take her back into Edinburgh to go clubbing. Strange journey, with two teenage girls in the back seat getting changed.

Sleepless night, for various reasons, one being musical. I have quite a good musical imagination and can create and edit arrangements with my inner ear (something I thought until recently that everyone could do); for some stupid reason at 3am I decided to rebuild one of my songs in 11/8 time, which meant ‘playing’ the whole song several times through, focusing on bits where the meter confused the lyrics, imagining a drum part, then building an unrelated middle-eight and finally deciding it might be better with the verses in 11/8 and the chorus in straight 6/8. Why? I don’t know but it was compulsive and kept me lying still and silent but awake for at least an hour. (Actually I think it was triggered by reading about, and listening to, the Paul Simon song The Teacher from his last album.)

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