Pierre de Grenoble revisited (the Twilight Show)

Many many years ago, before you were a twinkle in your mother’s eye, I was at the flea market in Clignancourt when I heard some music drifting across the stalls. It was like traditional Celtic music with Indian drones, but had an odd melodic twist that told me it wasn’t any of the British folk-rock bands I knew.

That was how I bought Pierre de Grenoble by Gabriel et Marie Yacoub, who went on to form the band Malicorne.

It became one of my all time favourites which I still listen to quite often.

I’ve always liked the title track, the way it subtly changes key during the verse – well maybe it’s not a full key change but in A minor the first part of the melody uses F# and the second part F natural.

I’ve been working on strings for years and thought I’d like to try doing a string quartet arrangement. I’m using Cinestrings Solo from Cinesamples Musio. I hope you like it.

Gabriel, Marie and Malicorne reunited for an ‘exceptional concert’ in 2010. Here it is:

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