Pivo gig, Golden Megasmashes

At Pivo tonight:

– Lindsay Sugden and the Storm

– Ms Fi

– the Norman Lamont Festival Ensemble (feat. Mary Robbs on violin, Ms Fi on voice and perks)

Starting at 7!

case history Tongue slightly cheekward, I’ve put together a compilation of tracks from all my CDs. I’ve finally sold out of the Wolf and have only a couple of Fiction CDs left, so this is timely. I may make it a full release but for now it’s a limited edition of – get this – 6!!!  Each numbered and signed and only a fiver.  It’s called Case History and was going to be subtitled ‘Greatest Hits’ until my marketing department informed me that such a title would severely stretch the normal usage of the terms ‘greatest’ and ‘hits’. So I’ve opted for ‘Golden Megasmashes – the Ultimate Collection’.

The tracks – a combination of the most popular ones live, and ones I particularly like:

  1. When I Came Home from Egypt
  2. The Desert Was Better
  3. The Wolf Who Snared the Moon
  4. Leaving
  5. Crying in the Street
  6. Nicole
  7. Come With Me
  8. The Ballad of Bob Dylan
  9. Anywhere But Here
  10. Winter Sky
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