Pivo solo mio

Tomorrow (Thursday) I occupy the stage again for my first ‘proper’ gig in many months (I discount open mic appearances).  Mary’s still on holiday so I’ll be doing a solo set drawn from my legendary career ;-)   Then Ms Fi will entertain.  The gig’s at Pivo, at 7:30.

The compilation album I was planning to push in front of innocent punter-noses will not be available.  I’d settled on its title ‘Case History’, rejecting ‘Golden Megasmashes – the Ultimate Collection’ on the grounds that when you say it quickly it becomes ‘Smegamashes’; this puts it into the marketing category of ‘futile’.  I’d even designed an inlay. But tonight I printed the first inlay and half of it was pink. Alert, said the printer, I need a new colour ink cartridge. Certainly, I replied, coming up. I opened one of a set of three I’d bought last month online. But it did not fit the cartridge receptacle. I replaced the original and tried another print. My exquisite colour composition (trust me) was rendered entirely in pink and white. Ho hum. A Daily Mail letter to the cartridge distributors coming on.

Last night I rehearsed WaveForms for a couple of hours. I emerged feeling like I’d had a week on retreat.

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  1. Great gig, guys, was good to catch up with again. And thanks again for the Cleopatras – my arabic isn’t up to much but at least i can now hawk, cough & smell like a gallabiyah-clad local. 🙂
    Take care and hope to see you soon

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