Plane bored

Yesterday morning I got up at 5 to go to the airport for a 6.30 flight to Birmingham. This was for a business meeting that had been rescheduled from a couple of weeks ago. On that occasion I’d gone to the airport to find it closed due to snow, just as I was getting my boarding card.

As I arrived yesterday morning it started to snow. I got my card and
boarded the plane at 6.30. The captain announced that there would be a
delay as the runways were cleared of snow. Half an hour later, another
delay – the airport was closed. After an hour, another update promised
in half an hour. They served breakfast. At 8.30 they allowed those who
wanted to leave the plane. I stayed. The snow stopped about 9 and
turned to rain. The snow on the ground started to melt. The captain,
beginning to sound pissed-off, said the runway was opening again, but
we’d have to wait to have the wings de-iced. Fair enough. We were first
in the queue, he said. By 10 it still hadn’t happened. Another chance
to leave the plane. There were two de-icing machines and one had broken
down. Our ‘first place in the queue’ was for that one; the other
belonged I think to another company, not BA, and we’d have to wait our
turn for that. By 11, there had been ‘some confusion’ and the machine
still hadn’t reached us. The captain had actually got off the plane and
gone to harangue the de-icer people! I thought about cancelling the
meeting but my colleagues had made the effort to go to Birmingham as
they had the last time I cancelled, so I thought I should sit it out.
Eventually, at 11.50, after five and a half hours on the plane, we took
off. The journey to Birminghamd has never seemed so short!  It takes a
lot to make me complain but I did fire off an email to British Airways
last night.  In the end we had a shorter meeting but it was good and
effective and worth going for. But we’ll have to continue next Tuesday.
Hope it doesn’t snow …

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