Play guitar like (delete where applicable)!

Browsing an online review of a Robert Fripp album, I spotted a Google Ad ‘Dig Robert Fripp? Free Guitar Guide Reveals The 3 Secrets That Made A Legend’. I suspected a scam but clicked out of curiosity. Sure enough it takes you to this page, asking a few questions about how long you’ve been playing guitar, what style and where you live, and inviting you to sign up for, presumably, the secrets that will turn you into Robert Fripp. The headline is:

3 Killer Guitar Control Factors That Made
Robert Fripp
One of the World’s Greatest Guitarists

If you look in the HTML source of the page, there’s a little Javascript loop that says (translated into English)

‘3 killer guitar control factors that made’

if (you’ve clicked on an advert from a site about a guitarist)

(that guitarist’s name)


      (Angus Young)

One of the World’s Greatest Guitarists

So the author’s an AC/DC fan, then.  I didn’t sign up; after all I know the answer: hours of daily practice for 40-odd years.

Progress report on the album: now working on the cover. Debating whether to include lyrics (meaning an 8-page booklet) or not.  Does anyone want them, other than songwriters? There’s an argument that lyrics are best listened to in context not read on the page, also that they’re rarely worth reading on the page!

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