Please help Drake Scotland

I don’t often do appeals on this site but …

Drake Scotland is a charity that enables disabled people to make music, using special technology and enthusiastic coaching. A friend of mine is closely involved and invited me to a show a few years ago. One of the most powerful things I’ve ever seen was a young boy in a wheelchair, who could only move his head and one hand, playing a synth solo by raising and lowering his hand in a beam of light. Have a look at the technology page on the Drake site for some videos of this and newer tools such as Brainfingers.

image What am I asking you to do?  Drake have a chance of winning a substantial amount of money from the People’s Millions lottery – enough to equip their recording studio. The competition ends tomorrow night on an STV programme at 6:30. A phone number will be released early tomorrow (Wednesday) to let you vote for them to win it. Each call costs only 10p and you can vote up to ten times from the same number. I’ll put the number up here and on Facebook.

If you’ve ever enjoyed making music, and you can imagine the joy on that boy’s face as his music came out of the speakers, please take a couple of minutes to make that call.

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