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I'm a singer-songwriter based in Scotland.

My songs are classic and timeless, touching on spirituality and the surreal, grounded in wry sense of humour.

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Songs & albums

All The Time In Heaven cover

I have five albums of my own songs, one of covers and one of ambient instrumentals.

The sixth album, with my band, will be out during 2017.

Film music & ambient

Guitar and pedals I use for Waveforms

I have a library of short instrumentals available for use in movies or videos, and a collection of ambient looped soundscapes called Waveforms inspired by Fripp and Eno.


The Heaven Sent

I've been blogging here for more than ten years, and posting poetry and lyrics as well as articles about mindfulness and the ideas and artists who've inspired me.

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Waveforms ambient looping (or Frippertronics 3)

In my last couple of posts on Frippertronics I’ve shown how Robert Fripp started playing this form of wave-like looping soundscape, and I’ve demonstrated how I tried to copy it for my own enjoyment using various bits of equipment I’d accumulated over the years. That was very much derivative of Fripp’s music. In my own […]

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Inspirations: Dr Strangely Strange – psychedelic lounge band

Dr Strangely Strange were an Irish psychedelic folk band between 1968 and 1971. They were friends of, and appealed to fans of, the Incredible String Band. But they approached their songs with more of a laugh. Let me introduce the Doctor … “The psychedelic lounge band with whom I made four albums” Tim Goulding Nice […]

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How to play Frippertronics (2): into action

In my last post I described how I approach Frippertronics and ambient looping in general. I also talked about the equipment I use. But how do you approach it in a performance? Even if the performance is just for your own enjoyment? Over and over I’ve seen friends try the equipment and very quickly create […]

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Inspirations: Slapp Happy – Powerful Stuff

Slapp Happy, and their songwriters Peter Blegvad and Anthony Moore, have produced some of the strangest pop music of the recent decades, with high philosophical overtones yet all instantly accessible. Playful? In 1974 I was reading a music paper, probably the NME, and came across a review of an album by someone called Slapp Happy. […]

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How to play Frippertronics (1)

What’s Frippertronics? Robert Fripp’s typically mock-academic definition of Frippertronics is the musical experience resulting at the interstice of Robert Fripp and a small, mobile and appropriate level of technology…. The origin of Frippertronics The origin of Frippertronics is well documented. Brian Eno introduced Fripp to the recycling delay effect of playing into a set of […]

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Inspirations: Richard Thompson – Doom and Gloom from the Tomb

Doom and Gloom from the Tomb was the title of a Richard Thompson compilation of unreleased material issued on cassette in 1985  It’s a phrase that’s stayed with him over the years. Few songwriters have plumbed the depths of sadness, anger, resentment and hatred with such a direct and unsentimental vision as Richard Thompson. Folk […]

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Nicole – the comic strip and two other stories

Here’s a new video of Nicole, from the Bridge of Orchy sessions. Just for contrast here’s the first Nicole video, made by Mab McMoragh to a prototype recording of the song. And here’s a live version, me, my guitar synth and my looper ; Related Nicole – there’s no bible in here? (the story) Free […]

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Songwriting on the hoof – take a song for a walk!

I remember a quote attributed to Bob Dylan about songwriting although I’ve never been able to verify it: Q: How do you write a song? A: Take a song you know, change the words then change the tune The weather’s been glorious and I heard it’s going to break tomorrow so I decided to put […]

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Inspirations: Robin Williamson – the explorer bard

In a recent video I covered Robin Williamson’s Zoo Blues. In case anyone came away with the idea that Williamson just wrote funny skits, here’s a bit more about the man behind the Incredible String Band. Where did that come from? Robin Williamson seemed to burst fully-formed onto the Edinburgh folk scene in the early […]

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