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I'm a singer-songwriter based in Scotland.

My songs are classic and timeless, touching on spirituality and the surreal, grounded in wry sense of humour.

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Songs & albums

All The Time In Heaven cover

I have five albums of my own songs, one of covers and one of ambient instrumentals.

The sixth album, with my band, will be out during 2017.

Film music & ambient

Guitar and pedals I use for Waveforms

I have a library of short instrumentals available for use in movies or videos, and a collection of ambient looped soundscapes called Waveforms inspired by Fripp and Eno.


The Heaven Sent

I've been blogging here for more than ten years, and posting poetry and lyrics as well as articles about mindfulness and the ideas and artists who've inspired me.

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Island Samplers – more than your money’s worth in old pence

In the early 1970s, inspired by the success of CBS’s The Rock Machine and The Rock Machine Turns You On, many record companies started putting out budget-price samplers. Island Records made some of the most popular samplers, and the Island samplers are still regarded with affection and listened to today. Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, Traffic, … Read more

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Mike Heron for beginners: 3 albums and 5 tracks

I’ve written a lot here about the Incredible String Band, including fairly detailed posts about Robin Williamson and about Mike Heron’s Smiling Men album. Here I’ll take a look at a few Mike Heron destinations to which you might choose to trust me to guide you. Like his bandmate Robin Williamson, his unpolished voice can … Read more

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Shawn Phillips – a voice in the wilderness

In any time historical period, history is written by the winners. We remember some artists from any period of music and some are lost. One unsung hero of psychedelic folk-rock is Shawn Phillips, a voice as striking as Tim or Jeff Buckley, and a prodigious guitarist and arranger. Here’s a taste of his story. I’ve … Read more

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Come Together (Beatles cover) – Norman Lamont & the Heaven Sent

During the Bridge of Orchy sessions, we had a go at our cover of the Beatles Come Together from Abbey Road.  Okay the singer flubs the words at the start but there are a lot of words and he’s old – cut him some slack! It’s not note-for-note but I like the feel of it. … Read more

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Witchseason & Joe Boyd

This little logo appeared on the sleeve of so many of the albums I listened to from the end of the sixties and the early 70s that it was a kind of quality assurance stamp. Mostly on Island but some on Elektra. This was the symbol of Witchseason Productions, and of Joe Boyd and it … Read more

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John Martyn for beginners: 3 albums and 5 tracks

First of a series following from my Inspirations series, where I’ll offer a beginners’ guide to some of the artists I love. Three albums and five tracks. A virtuoso musician with a voice to melt the coldest of hearts. (John Hillarby) Three albums Solid Air (1973) The definitive John Martyn album, where he found his … Read more

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Robert Fripp – attention, attention, attention!

There’s a great book to be written one day about the life and music of Robert Fripp, but it would have to be a fat one. The consistent theme of his life has been attention to detail, and it’s only in the details of the projects he’s been involved with that the insights would come. … Read more

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Being in a band – attention seeking behaviour

Continuing my musical life story with one of the stranger episodes- how attention-seeking ended the first band I led. By the middle of the 1980s, in Manchester, I’d got over the novelty of multitrack recording and begun to take songwriting seriously. Solitary songwriting I’d been writing songs since I was 16 but I’d always tended … Read more

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Brian Eno – the beauty of the moment

This article suggests that there’s a running theme in Brian Eno’s work that is akin to mysticism.  I’m not claiming Eno is a mystic or a religious person in any way, in fact I’m sure he isn’t. But in the lyrics of several songs are strong suggestions of what we might call mysticism in its … Read more

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