Privacy on

Let’s keep it simple:
  • I use Google Analytics to find out how many people visit different parts of my site. That uses cookies (tiny text files left on your computer) to make it work. Most websites in the world use the Google Analytics cookie.
  • My site is built in WordPress and it’s possible that some WordPress plugins also leave cookies but I don’t monitor, store or in any way use them.
  • To block or manage the many cookies on your computer, see this (external link)
  • I also have a Facebook pixel (a tiny hidden image) on my site so that I can find out how many people have visited from Facebook ads that I’ve created.
  • I have a form in various places on my site where I ask for only your first name and email address. I send updates, offers and giveaways by email. I don’t pass on your email address to anyone else – I don’t sell it, trade it or share it –  or use it for anything else. That’s on the basis that you’re interested in my music. If not …
  • Every email I send has an ‘unsubscribe’ link.
  • My site uses https security
  • I use a mailing list application called High Level to send my email updates. That allows you to unsubscribe. 

If you have any concerns or questions about your privacy on just get in touch.

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