Front of In Another Life

In Another Life (mp3 download)


01. End of Tears
02. Green Lights All The Way
03. The Ballad of Bob Dylan (2017)
04. Bamboo
05. The Goodbye Song
06. In Another Life
07. Love (As When)
08. You Made Me Do It
09. Damn Grey
10. Had
11. Until I Found You


Released in March 2018.

In Another Life is the first album by Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent. It’s an instantly accessible collection of acoustic-based songs, full of catchy melody and wry humour.

Also available on CD

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‘Countrified pop in the Nick Lowe mould’ said RnR Magazine

The Heaven Sent

Norman Lamont: voice, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, zag drum (Love), bass (Damn Grey)
Fiona Thom: rhythm guitar, multifarious guitar parts, voice
John Lawrence: all keyboard parts, voice
James Whyte: bass, voice
Suzy Cargill: drums, percussion, voice

Special guests:

Phil Ramsay: trumpet (Bob Dylan, In Another Life, You Made Me Do It, Had)
Ged Brockie: all guitars on Goodbye Song
John Farrell: lead guitar (Green Lights)
Antoine Edery: drums (Love and Until I Found You)