Queensferry open mic/ rainstick

Last time we (Tommy MacKay, the Impossibles and I) held an open mic here nobody turned up. This time we thought nobody was going to turn up until ten past nine, when six or seven people, including the great Confushian, bundled in and suddenly we had an open mic night. It turned out to be a lot of fun, the highlight being a couple of new Fraser Drummond songs in the Confushian set, Judas Tree and Dawn’s Early Light. Email addresses were collected – and this time checked for handwriting – so we should have the base to build on for another night in December.

Here’s an early morning poem from this morning …


A rainstick
Takes its time
To shower seeds
Along its spine

I wish I’d given
Ample cause
To justify
Its warm applause

All I did:
Rotate its axis
Pity I can’t
Apply the practice

To all those people
Who don’t know
How cool I am
How great my show

How wise my words
How slick my moves
How bright my strings
How funk my grooves

So I play a song
And say a rhyme
And turn the rainstick
One more time.

(What’s a rainstick? A percussion instrument, a hollow tube containing hundreds of seeds which slowly shhhhhhh from one end to the other when turned over.)

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