Queensferry Winter Festival

Today’s festival went ahead quite nicely – street market, open air shows and the switching on of the lights. We in the Ferry Fringe arts festival team had a small role, compering a little and then a few songs by Tommy MacKay. After that I did Christmas Revolution with Tommy, John and Ali on backing vox. (This song, which I wrote as a 70s style Christmas song, has finally been recorded as a Wright Brothers track and will be a free download here very soon). I’d been asked to return to the stage to provide some guitar chords for Hark The Herald Angels Sing just before the lights went on; it was rather chaotic as ministers, provosts, Festival Queens and dignitaries milled around on stage wondering what was happening. We didn’t know if the guitar was coming through the PA or not, so it ended up with Santa holding a mic to my guitar, and nobody onstage actually singing into a mic. So the crowd heard only guitar! Well, it’s once a year ..

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