Real names or urban legends?

Clearing out my desk I found a little note on which I'd scribbled some names. These were told me by the mortgage and life assurance processing people in the building society I worked in two decades ago.  They said these were all genuine names on application forms. I've seen one or two in other places since, so they may have been pulling the newbie's leg.  But here they are. If any of them are true, their parents have something to answer for. And if you're one of these people, no offence intended!

Minnie Cooper

Helen Mellon

Pearl Barley

Percy Pigg

Anita Edge

Pamela Amphlett

Annette Kurton

Orson Kart (really!)

Russel Mycock

Mr Sage and Ms Onions (a joint application)

Guy George Gatehouse Peters (apparently all the children in this family had as one middle name the location of their conception)

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