Rehearsal fever

In the last few years whenever I’ve had any musical collaboration we’ve tended to aim for a short open mic spot as a debut/tryout. That thought has returned a few times to haunt me as Normanello prepares for its debut on Sunday at the book festival (12:45 lunchtime), for which we have to come up with about two hours of songs!  We’ve done it with four rehearsals, and one more to come on Saturday. For these sets it’s more or less a Norman song with Nelson playing an accompanying instrument, or vice versa. After this we’ll see if we can come up with new stuff together. But if you’re thinking of coming we can promise some interesting versions and covers as well as a couple you’ve not heard.

As well as learning words and chords for Nelson and Flowers songs I have to prepare some pedal-pushing for the candlelight WaveForms set at St John’s Church on Friday night, my first attempt at stereo WaveForms.

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