Relay bass

Nelson came round to add some bass to a new addition to the new album, the reggae tune I’ll Be Back. We ended up doing the first ever bass relay, where one of us played the verse bass and the other the chorus (I won’t tell you which).  We didn’t pass the bass while the recording was still going – while that would have been a good scene for a putative ‘The Making of Roadblock Saga’ DVD, it would have led to crap bass playing.  The chorus bass was laid down then the verse player added the verse bass on another track, sitting out while the chorus played. Strange, but at this stage in the evolution of the project, I’ll go for anything that works.

We were both able to agree that the recordings are finally getting to a stage where they sound acceptable and even, at times, excitable. One track hangs in the balance and may be dropped. Why add I’ll Be Back? Because it’s uptempo, it still fits with the ‘death, mortality, gloom and doom’ theme of the album and I play it almost every gig I do.

Dave Watson is producing a version of a country-style song I wrote years ago, with a view to pitching it to some industry contacts in America. He got ace local singer Nobody Jones to voice it, and he’s done a great job.

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