Just back from a reunion from a workplace I left many years ago.  A very good group of people, together at what seemed like the right time, in a team that worked for a certain period. Our manager at that special time has just died, which made us appreciate the time even more.

‘And how are your kids? Or is it grandkids now?’

‘Do you remember the video we made?’ (not really)

‘She’s in supported accommodation; she has no friends.’

‘My abiding memory of him is the day I suddenly found him tucking my shirt in.’

‘My minor claim to fame is living next door to a famous murderer.’

‘In the time we were working together, did you realise I was gay?’

‘We didn’t used to not get on, did we?’ (We do now.)

‘I’m in four bands now and thinking of setting up a fifth.’

‘I can’t believe how someone his age could be so childish.’

‘He said to turn to the end of the album, there were some more photos. There he was wearing nothing but a leaf.’

‘I’ll see you in my most unsavoury dreams.’

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